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Bay of Plenty Sea Life

Bay of Plenty Sea Life

A New Zealand nature experience like none other

Not only does the Bay of Plenty offer the chance to observe and interact with dolphins, but it also gives you the opportunity to experience other marine life in its natural habitat.

The outlying islands of the Tauranga harbour are also home to New Zealand Fur seals. Observing these streamlined and playful creatures is a truly magical experience.

Large congregations of school fish, including tuna, mackerel, kahawai and trevally, are commonly seen in the deeper regions of the ocean outside the harbour. The sight of thousands of large school fish breaking the surface is extremely impressive.

New Zealand has the greatest diversity of seabirds anywhere in the world. This is due to the rich and abundant marine environment and the Bay of Plenty is home to the gull, shag, petrel, gannet, shearwater, albatross, and New Zealand’s own blue penguin.

Did you know?

The Bay of Plenty’s waters are home to a number of whale species;

  • Orca: the largest of the dolphin family
  • False Killer whales: often seen in the company of Bottlenose dolphins
  • Pilot whales: often found in the southern hemisphere
  • Minke whales: the most abundant baleen whale
  • Humpback whales: famous for their song
  • Blue whales: the largest animal on Earth

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