We are closed for the season reopening 1st December 2024.

Our Environmental Commitment

We seek to provide you with an unforgettable experience that has minimal impact on the marine environment

At Dolphin Blue we are helping to preserve our marine habitat and pride ourselves on our eco-friendly attitude and approach. We have a number of procedures in place, both onboard and in our home to reduce the impact our company has on the environment.
  • At Dolphin Blue we take responsibility for our actions. Everyday activities generate carbon emissions which in turn accelerate global warming and climate change. Dolphin Blue offsets its carbon emissions by planting trees. The number of trees planted depends on the species and how many tonnes of carbon emissions Dolphin Blue has to offset each year, this is done on privately owned land.
  • “Nothing goes over the side of the vessel” are the rules Dolphin Blue have set. We live, work and play in these waters, we do and will not taint them with rubbish.
  • All rubbish produced onboard is recycled when we return from sea.
  • We make a commitment to using environmentally-friendly and where possible biodegradable products, such a dishwashing liquid, hand soap, cleaning products etc. Where this is not possible we recycle as much as we can.
  • Our brochures have been printed using biodegradable inks and are printed on renewable resource based forestry. The company that developed our website is Green Globe accredited.
We are proud to support WWF New Zealand’s ‘Adopt a Hector’s dolphin’ project. This helps raise funds and create an awareness of the plight of the Hector’s and Maui’s dolphin, an endangered native New Zealand species.