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Common Dolphin

New Zealand Common dolphins are found country-wide.  Their numbers are unknown.

They are found in temperate waters a few kilometers offshore. In the Bay of Plenty, they are usually found in waters deeper than 50 metres

Adults range in length up to 2.7 metres, while calves are usually 80 - 90 cm at birth

A fully grown adult averages 75 kg but can weigh as much as 150 kg

Live school fish and squid

Pod Size
From several individuals to several thousand

Life Span
Estimated to be around 22 years

Sexual Maturity
Between 3 and 7 years

10 - 11 months

Calves are thought to suckle for between several months and several years
Did you know?
  • The New Zealand Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) are identified by their short beaks and distinctive patterns.
  • It is the Bottlenose (Tursiops truncatus) that most people visualise when they hear the word ‘dolphin’ as is the most well known and studied species.
Common Dolphin
Dolphin Blue